NEXT has worked with the leadership teams of for profit and not-for-profit organizations who wish to make the leap to the next growth curve since 1994. We have helped grow businesses and achieve the dreams of their shareholders.

To make the leap, NEXT focuses its services on strategic planning, leadership development, and ensuring the proper capital is in place to facilitate growth.

It takes vision, focus and discipline to achieve success. NEXT guides clients down a path of discovery, so they have clarity when it comes to their target customer, the value proposition, and how they choose to compete.

Clients have ranged from closely held, high-growth, mid-market firms to multi-national corporations, to not-for-profits, and to non-governmental organizations (“NGO”), who wish to foster an entrepreneurial culture in their organizations.

NEXT has consulted across various industries, including higher education, high-performance sport, retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, medical devices, distribution, high tech and professional services, both in Canada and the United States. The common thread across all clients is a desire to be a leader in their field.

Our Team

Glenn Yonemitsu, CMC, MBA

Glenn helps companies and organizations that want to become more nimble, more entrepreneurial, and more strategic in how they allocate scarce resources. This agility helps these organizations become more effective, create more impact, and make the leap to the next growth curve. His work focuses on visioning, and in the development of strategies to achieve the objectives.

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Our Partners

NEXT believes you are measured by the company you keep. Every project demands different skills and expertise. NEXT works with a proven network of professionals to ensure your project team has the best talent available to help your organization. Depending on the needs of any given assignment, NEXT will draw upon the expertise of its partners and associates.

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Our Principles

At NEXT Strategic Advisors, we understand that our reputation is our primary asset. This is a precious asset that must be managed carefully. As such, we have strict operating guidelines that ensure ethical behaviour and transparency in how we operate.

We strictly adhere and operate according to the Code of Professional Conduct, as prescribed by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants, and their Provincial Institutes. The purpose of this Code is to ensure we maintain our professionalism and adhere to high ethical standards as we provide services to clients and in all dealings with colleagues and the public: Professional Conduct

Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC)

CMC-Canada fosters excellence and integrity in the management consulting profession as a whole. CMC-Canada administers, and its provincial Institutes confer, the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation in Canada. The Association and its members advocate for the CMC designation and are dedicated to advancing the profession and delivering the benefits of those efforts to the client community.

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International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI)

ICMCI is an international membership organization and a network of the management advisory and consultancy associations and institutes worldwide, who have a common purpose and shared values and goals.

The goal of ICMCI is to promote a closer working relationship between all management consulting institutes or organizations primarily dedicated to the registration or certification of individual management consultants. The purpose of this closer working relationship is to accelerate the achievement of mutual goals of the national institutes, particularly to assist them in raising the standards of the profession of management consulting and to create worldwide recognition and acceptance of the CMC (Certified Management Consultant) mark.

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