Growing Businesses, Achieving Dreams.

Who We Work With

NEXT doesn’t focus on any specific industry, but focuses on entrepreneurial companies who have a strong desire to grow. NEXT is focused on helping entrepreneurs and medium-size companies who want to change the slope of their growth curve.

As much as clients evaluate their potential management consultant, NEXT evaluates clients to ensure that their shareholders and leadership teams have the managerial courage to make the decisions that will lead to success.

Medium-Size Companies

You’ve worked this hard to get to this point. Who can help with what is next?”

Being the owner/manager of a medium-sized firm is the loneliest position in business. In large, national firms, leaders have built in support networks – board members, peers, management consultants, executive coaches, just to name a few.

In a medium-sized firm, your executive team is not as deep. They expect you to have all the answers, yet you don’t have many people who you can develop your ideas with. You don’t have very many people who will give you straight, honest feedback. Your CA and Lawyer help, but their highest value is in their area of practice. You can’t share competitive secrets with your competitors or customers.

High Growth

NEXT has worked with companies that experienced double-digit growth. Whether you are currently experiencing high growth and are having challenges maintaining the volume, or are dissatisfied with your growth curve, and want to shift your company into high growth mode, NEXT will be there for you.


“Prioritizing what is important and where you should direct your scarce resources.”

NEXT works with companies to help turnaround their performance. NEXT will help you prioritize the issues and projects that are must do’s and more importantly, help clarify what should be put on the back burner.

By ensuring that company resources are directed to the right priorities, and by aligning the objectives of key leaders, improved performance will be the result. NEXT has a history of success in dealing with banks, creditors and other stakeholders to ensure you have their commitment, so you can keep focused on managing your business.

What We Do

“NEXT Strategic Advisors’ believes that everything good comes from ensuring everyone in your company is working towards the same objective.”

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Real-Life Solutions


NEXT doesn’t make recommendations in code, we don’t speak gibberish, and we don’t recommend ivory tower theories…

We will not produce a thick report that collects dust on the bookshelf. Rather, NEXT Strategic Advisors understands the needs and demands on entrepreneurs.

NEXT will work with you to ensure your managers understand the initiatives that must receive their focus. NEXT stands by you to help you implement real-life solutions that are designed to help your company succeed.