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Helping entrepreneurs develop their leadership and management skills is what NEXT Strategic Advisors does best – challenging the entrepreneur to move their leadership to the next level.

Glenn Yonemitsu often writes about business dilemmas or management solutions. We are pleased to share a sample of our writings:

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Inspiration often allows us to grow as human beings and encourages us to strive for greatness. Hearing about other people’s success can often influence our future decisions and goals.

Here are some links to interesting stories, articles and websites that are inspirational and may energize everyone who wants to move up to the next level.

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As a business leader, finding advisors and people who you can rely on, is difficult.  In this ever changing and complex world, you need insights from as many perspectives as you can source.  To be effective, you need a strong relationship with a trusted advisor.  NEXT Strategic Advisors would like to be that advisor for you and your organization.

To learn more about NEXT, how we work, the services we provide, and our success stories, visit our Downloads page, where you can access complete sets of PDF documents that will share our background and services with you.

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