“50 Years of Passion in the Profession”

Consult magazine, Fall 2013 – The legacy of passion.

“Game Changing”

Consult magazine, Summer 2012 – Acting like an entrepreneurial company, using strategic discomfort.

“MBA students offer bargain alternative to pricey consultants”

The Globe and Mail, June 1, 2012 – An article discussing how business school consulting teams can help organizations.

“Stick to its knitting, or move in a whole new direction?”

The Globe and Mail, March 21, 2012 – This “case” is part of the Report on Business’ Challenge….helping to provide some expert advice to an issue faced by a SME.

‘Industry Insights’

Consult magazine, Spring 2011 – Read about information and news from the consulting industry.

Case Study: “Defending Reputation”

InTouch magazine, Fall 2010 – How to manage a public affairs crisis.

“Case Study: What Rules…Value or Values?”

InTouch magazine, Summer 2010 – A manager wonders what to do about a “padded” expense account.

“Larry Tapp”

InTouch magazine, Winter 2011 – A visionary leaders in a time of dramatic change.

Case Study: “To Fire or Not to Fire”,

InTouch magazine, Winter 2010 – Determining when a past contributor should be saved or when you should cut bait.

Case Study: “My Career”

InTouch magazine, Fall 2009 – A manager’s career objectives used to be so clear, but what now?

Case Study: “One Product, Many Prices”

InTouch magazine, Summer 2009 – Is segmented pricing a deceptive marketing tactic or just plain smart?

Case Study: “And Then There Were Two”

InTouch magazine, Winter 2009 – Selecting the right candidate.

Case Study: “An Ethical Dilemma”

InTouch magazine, Fall 2008 – Balancing objectives with norms and values.

Case Study: “No Time”

InTouch magazine, Summer 2008 – An entrepreneur reaches her breaking point.

Case Study: “He Did What?”

InTouch magazine, Winter 2008 – Discovering a poisoned workplace.

Case Study: “I Quit!”

InTouch magazine, Fall 2007 – Dealing with the loss of a key member of the team.