Sample Engagements

Company A
Revenues: $20-100 Million
Employees: 40-200
Industry: Transportation
Challenge: This highly competitive industry was going through a restructuring. NEXT worked with the ownership and leadership team to develop a strategy to take advantage of this opportunity. The result was a series of acquisitions, rolling up the industry. NEXT supported Company A in negotiations, to financing, to developing a strategy to integrate the acquired companies and achieve the projected synergies. Within two years, revenues jumped 100+ million and employees to 200+. As the new, larger corporation took off, NEXT worked with key members of the management team, to provide counsel, helping them lead their expanded areas of responsibility.
Result: This firm is now a national leader, ranking as #1 or #2 in almost every measure. Most importantly, profitability and cash flow, as a percentage of revenues, compare favourably with pre-acquisition levels.
Company B
Revenues: $25 Million
Employees: 50
Industry: Construction and Industrial Equipment
Challenge: Due to a combination of management decisions that diverted resources and a recessionary economy, Company B experienced a working capital shortfall and was not in compliance with a number of their senior, secured lenders. In short order, NEXT worked with the executive team to develop a workout strategy and helped present the restructured proposals to key stakeholders.
Result: Company B was successful in getting in agreement with all of their creditors and was able to continue operations. Within 18 months, profitability and positive cash flows returned – a positive swing of almost $2 million. With the return to profitable operations, NEXT then worked with Company B to initiate an industrial roll-up, which led to the successful sale of Company B – deriving solid value for all shareholders.
Company C
Revenues: $25 Million
Employees: 20
Industry: Real Estate
Challenge: The CEO was the entrepreneur who founded Company C. After the CEO established the business and grew it for a number of years, Company C’s growth started to level off. The CEO wondered if the plateauing was due to his management style and speculated as to what he could do to lead Company C into its next growth period.
Result: NEXT set up a “Trusted Advisor” program with the CEO, to serve as his regular counsel. Over the course of the engagement, the CEO was challenged to reflect on his leadership style – controlling vs. delegating. The CEO began to appreciate the need to recruit top quality managers, who could help build Company C into a living, breathing entity that could survive without the CEO. The CEO learned to communicate his vision, delegate and allow others to execute the plan.
Company D
Revenues: $5 Million
Employees: Full-Time 15, Seasonal 40
Industry: Leisure
Challenge: Company D was a well-established firm that has been in business for more than 75 years. Over the course of a few years, operations at this firm had been brought up to current standards and led the industry in many respects. Now, the challenge was to put the administrative practices through the same transformation.
Result: NEXT worked with Company D management to review business processes, with an eye to find efficiencies and opportunities for synergies. Recommendations were made on how this support function could actually benefit each of the operating departments. NEXT then assisted with the successful implementation of the key recommendations allowing Company D to realize the efficiencies and saving of the new practices.