What We Do


“Strategy is all about making choices and applying scarce resources to the most important projects.”

Organizations are effective and grow because of strong alignment amongst the whole team. Management must move from being “do-ers” to being leaders, so they can get as many people in the organization working towards the same goals.

Making it clear what is high priority versus what is a nice to do, will help your team make consistent decisions. Having a vision and a strategy that you can share and articulate, helps to unleash the talent you have in your organization.

Developing a strategy is where it all begins. By developing a well thought out plan of action, NEXT will help your firm chart a course for success.


“As your company grows, you must become a Leader and not be a Do-er.”

Chances are, the talents and skills that got your company started and successful are the same things that may be inhibiting your growth. NEXT will work with you to build your leadership team, to provide them with the clear direction, and mandate, to help you achieve your vision.

Trusted Advisor

Through its “Trusted Advisor” program, NEXT Strategic Advisors helps to build and develop high performance leaders and management teams by focusing on strategic consulting/coaching to strategize, execute, manage and finance growth. To reiterate, executives in medium-size companies are often the loneliest people in business, as they do not have the benefit of support systems and deep executive teams that can test their ideas and perceptions.

Regular one-on-one meetings allow the business leader to share ideas, thoughts and strategies with an advisor who understands their industry, their business, their opportunities and their challenges. This relationship serves as a confidential sounding board, helping the leader test their perspective, develop confidence and galvanize their ideas.

Different than executive coaching, where the primary focus is on the leader as a person, the Trusted Advisor program is more applied and focuses on the leader and the strategic opportunities faced by the company.


Without the proper Capital and structure, your firm will have difficulty in growing. Having proper financing can make or break the best-laid strategies. We will work closely with you to ensure that your business has the best chance for success.